What Is The Amazon Associates Program Exactly?

What Is The Amazon Associates Program

Read this article to learn what is the Amazon affiliates program exactly, how it works and how you can actually make money with it, by doing targeted advertising of products on your blog or your newsletters. 

What is Amazon Assosiates Program Exactly?

So, you’ve decided to become an Amazon Associate (ie Affiliate Marketer)? You’ve made a great decision in my opinion.

Perhaps you already know of the native shopping ads technology, as well as the aStore features that Amazon offers. If not, I would certainly take time to check those out.

However, what if you wanted to offer a specific product from Amazon to your niche. You want to be someone with high class, so you don’t want to offer just any product but the best of the best. That way you will have your audience turning to you for advice and recommendations for a long time to come. This is the ingredient that Amazon Associate affiliate program participants find their success within.

Let’s get started.

Deciding What Works Best with Your Niche

Let’s use cooking as the niche we are wanting to find products for. First off, we need to go to the main site of Amazon and search for the word cooking. If we find Lego’s or tractors they won’t be a good match for our audience. The more specific we can be in what we want from Amazon, the better they will be able to deliver solid gold results.

Another point to consider here is if we want to search all of Amazon or a specific category. For cooking, searching under “home & kitchen” might be our best strategy. How you proceed with your own individual search is completely up to you. Simply toggle the drop down that is to the left of the search bar and select the option that best fits. If you want to search all of Amazon, then no adjustment is necessary.

Amazon Cooking Products

There are obviously a large variety of options that show up which relate to cooking. In fact, at time of this writing there are 1,446,080 results for “cooking”. This can vary. The first question I would have is if there is a way to narrow that number down a bit. Looking through over 1 million products might take a bit.

Amazon cooking gear search

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Looking at the left column we see some options under “Show results for” that will help laser target our scope.

The leading categories for my own search are shown at top with a link to see all 40 departments that have something about cooking.

I’ve decided that “cookware & baking pans” fit best for my own purposes so I select that.

I am now presented with a new product list to select from. However, I see varying numbers of stars and really don’t want to promote anything that is less than 4 stars.

NOTE: We have come from a list of over 1 million items to market down to only 5,122 but that still is a few more than I want to be investigating.

Can I do something to refine this list further? Looking at the left panel again we see a section that is titled “refine by” which includes many awesome options only a portion of which have been identified in the graphic. I made sure to include the star options as that is critical for our purposes.

However, do you want your results to be dishwasher safe? Select that as an option from the panel. What type of material do you want your appliance to be made from? Select that.

Amazon product search refinement

Each time you make a selection your Amazon search will continue to sort the results based on your preferences identified.

Perhaps brand or size of your cookware is important. Choose those accordingly to achieve an even more targeted list. For my purposes, here I’m wanting to have a selection of products that are 4 stars or above, so I select that.

I still have 756 results showing but I like this list minus one point. I want to offer items that are only above $50. That way I know I have healthy affiliate commissions coming as items sell.

I now have my refined list of 190 items which is great. However, what am I supposed to do with it? Great question, that answer comes next.

Preparing Your Targeted Amazon Product List for Marketing

Once you have the link available open a new window and go to your Amazon Associates account. After logging in you will find the navigation bar. Select “product linking” followed by “link to any page.”

Adding Amazon Links

You now have a new window with 3 options.

Amazon link generation

While both “link to favorite destinations” and “link to search results” should be explored further, within the scope of this article we will be targeting “link to any page.”

Selecting that option will return the following window.

Amazon linking

The first thing you want to do at this point is enter the URL that contains the search parameters that we came up with previously. You can and probably should also enter something in where it says “name your link” so that it will be easy to reference.

Once you have the details entered you can select the button that says “get HTML” and the window on the right will change to look like this.

Creating an Amazon link

You have 2 options at this point.

Near the top of the window and to the right of the word “preview” you will see the name that you gave this code. If you click on it you will be able to see what your viewers will see once the code is in place.

If it shows the same results as the link that you entered, then you are ready to paste the code into your website or blog. If it doesn’t show the same, then correct whatever the error is and then you will be ready.

When all the issues are past select “highlight HTML”, right click you mouse button and then select copy. You are now free to put the code wherever you desire as long as it is an allowed place for you.

Concluding Thoughts About Targeted Links

I trust that with these details you now know how to target specific pages on Amazon. This can be applied to on-page content as well as many other places. What questions remain for you? Please ask them in the comments below.

Are their points I missed which you consider to be an important piece of this process? Let the world and I know by the comments you leave.

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  1. The Amazon Affiliate Program is great Affiliate program. If you cannot find any other affiliate program, all you need to do is use Amazon to search for your best products! They only pay little percentage, but many people shop there.

    • Hi Arthur, thank you for your comment. You are right about Amazon, it works with large numbers, so it’s a good idea for websites with large volumes of visitors.

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