Scammers be aware!

Welcome to my Scams Exposer blog. My mission is to expose online scams and make investing online safe once again.

I will only enforce any kind of online business after throughout personal investigation. I will invest and I will visit. I will interview and I will photograph. I will watch Youtube reviews from members and I will seach for written testimonies. I will contact support and I will make phone calls.

I welcome all the scam reports of my readers and invest my time and research skills for making a truthful report of all the HYIP, Network Marketing, Online Trading and Online Money Earning Programs. Please note that due to the extend of my investigation and high demand for my reports, which are also used by other websites, it will take me between 2 weeks and a month to review something a reader has requested. You might of course get lucky if I am already working on a piece on a given program. 😉

Most of the content on this website is in written format. I for one hate watching endless video testimonies and scam reports on Youtube, as they take forever to get to the point and are impossible to view on low bandwidths or on the road, so I will not be publishing a lot of this myself. Depending on my workload and the demand, I will publish between 2 and 4 scam reports per week. This website also has a forum in which I welcome all discussions about any kind of online money making programs.

In my reviews I take a look at the following sections. I will rate the program according to them and the maximum is of course 100. Each section will weight 10 points except the last, namely my own opinion, as I believe in the power of personal recommendation!

The Company

I always start by verifying the company itself. Is there actually a registered company behind the website. Most of these companies are limited so their financial liability is rather small, however they do need to apply to the local laws and regulations, which is why the registration location is important. How long have they been in operations?

Do they have offices at the given address and are there actually people working there or is it just a virtual address. Are the key members of the company, CEO, CTO, CFO and board members identified and are they publicly standing behind their website? Are there interviews and videos available on the social media with these people. Why is this important? If somebody is going to scam you, they are not likely to want to expose their real names and faces, but rather stay anonymous.

The Website

Next I take a look at the website. How long has it been online? Where is it hosted? Does it have a SSL certification and does the information match with the information the company gives about itself? Is it extended validation or just a standard certificate and for how many years has it been issued. Can doman name owner be verified? Next I check with couple of different tools if the site is being used to distribute malware or phishing attacks and if it has vulnerabilities which can be exploited by third parties. Why is this important? I want to be able to use this site safely without worries about my information being misused or exposed. Finally I also look if the website has terms of use as I at least like to know what I am agreeing to when browsing around.

The Program

How much does the program cost and what exactly will you get for your money? Is there a free trial that allows you to check out the services provided before signing up. Does the program offer training? If an affiliate program is part of the offering, does the company offer marketing tools such as landing pages and social media banners.

The Compensation Plan

Is there a clear and detailed compensation plan? If an affiliate program is part of the offering, on how many levels are you getting paid. Are all the awards monetary or is all or part of the compensation on form of gift cards, trips, car or housing plans. Are different rankings involved?

The Payouts

One of the most important chapters are of course the payouts. Is the program paying in time or not. How long is the waiting time for the payouts and are the payouts made in time? What kind of payment processors does the site use and can you request to be paid with different method than the one you used for your initial investment. Does the company collect KYC? This is important as according to both US and European regulation, no money can be sent to an other person without the knowledge of both parties identity. Can you request a receipt or invoice for your purchase or is there no evidence of your investment in case the website disappears into thin air.

The Support

I take a look at the support structure as it is really important for me know there is someone ready to help in case I run into any issues. Is there online chat, email and telephone support available? How fast is the support process and does the staff show friendliness and knowledge of the products?

The Marketing

Does the company have a presence on social media and on websites such as Google. Does they have frequent webinaars and offer exciting promotions. How good quality is the offered marketing material.

The Grapevine

I will listen to others, read reviews and watch video testimonies and gather what ever other information I can find on the net and offline media.

My Honest Thoughts

Last but not least I will state my own opinion. Since I participate in each program that I review, I will give you an idea of my personal experience with any given program.

I WILL find out the TRUTH and present my evidence for others.

Unlike so many other admins, I cannot be bought. I will not accept any money for my reviews of keeping a good status on a program that has stopped paying.  Any attempts to do so, will end on these pages. I don’t need your BLACK money, I make plenty with legal programs. I also don’t respond kindly to threats of any kind.


  1. As a network marketing professional who does most of her work online, I see an incredible value in totally honest reviews and properly executed investigation.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback Dianosys <3 I am here to help people to evaluate before their invest their time and money on any online business. Let me know if there is any program I can help investigating!

  2. This is really helpful for people because the internet seems to be full with more products trying to take your money then actually helping! The only way we can stop this is by exposing whats a scam and put it under the microscope and also reviewing whats good quality content and spreading the word! Thank you Admin!

    • Thank you Lee, your comment is greatly appreciated. Indeed, I am planning on exposing all the scams on the internet so people can find easier the few legal and worth wile investment opportunities out there.

  3. Hey Xena, maybe take a look at all the binary trading robot scams out there? Lots of people here in US get caught in them. Great start for a blog, let me know when you’re ready and want me to start spreading the word 🙂

    • Hi Apollo. I have one investigation done and will write my review this weekend. The IT security conference has taken all my time this week. I will need few more weeks to write couple of more interviews in the different categories before I want to activate the grapevine…maybe month of so for prime time depending on my workload!

  4. Your website has helpful and useful information. So many scams are out there, and usually one can never tell until they find out the hard way. These companies have many good reviews, which are likely by people who were paid to write them.

    • This is very true. If you read my latest review Inv20 you see how the angry owner of this website actually went on to purchase bad reviews for my site from Fiverr. This is one of the places where you can pay people for reviews, good or bad.

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