Is Recyclix A Scam Or a Dream Come True?

Is Recyclix A Scam?

So you want to know if Recyclix is a scam and you should give it a pass or is it a green Eco-investment opportunity, almost too good to be true! Welcome to my honest review of this program.

Verdict: Legit and Paying

Rating: 92/100

Summary: Recyclix is a plastic recycling company, which purchases both LDPE and PP plastic waste and recycles them into plastic pellets, consisting of recycled granulated material. They offer people an online investment opportunity to participate in an environmentally friendly profitable business.

Everything they do is transparrent and their website offers multiple ways of participating and investing into their program, from selling large quatities of plastic waste, purchasing the equipment used in the process as well as reselling the plastic granulates.

“Recyclix is a pioneering company that is unique in the world. Our key objective is to smartly fuse together the opportunities of the Internet and business in order to help the recycling industry develop as efficiently as possible.”

Is Recyclix legit and a great Eco-investment opportunity? Absolutely yes! Read my review including my personal investigation into this company.

Recyclix Locations Map

The Company: Recyclix is legally registed and based in Warsaw, Poland and has existed around since end of 2014 with online presence since February 2015. I have visited their head office as well as one the their recycling utilities in Lomza and Poznan, Poland.

The company does not provide any ownership details on their website, the online registry KRS, does not provide the ownership information, but it leads to chairman of the board: Šuranovas Aleksandr. I am currently waiting for an answer for my inquiry if he also owns the company, as this simply slipped my mind when I visited their factory open door days last month.
Score 8/10

cyber-biglockThe website: is registered by easydns and hosted by Solar Communications in Zürich. Not really favorite place for scammers, eh? The website is malware and phishing free and has never had any negative safe browsing reports. The site uses wildcard SSL certificate, which is registered to the company.

The payments on the website are secure. It has a good Q&A section and clear payment, refund, shipment and privacy policies. The company also provides addresses to all their factories and offices together with pictures and opening hours. The website is very professional and very user friendly.
Score 10/10

The Program

Recyclix is an online investment company, that promises to generate high and stable revenue by purchasing waste, processing it, and then selling it on. Basically the idea is that you invest in waste waste plastic and the company will process it for you.

You purchase provide the money, Recyclix buys the waste from companies in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Italy. They then sort it, grind it, wash it and extrude it in pellet form, that’s easy to sell to companies using plastic raw material.

Where does the profit come from ask the skeptics? Well, the secondary recycled product simply has a higher market value than the waste raw material, in my opinion this is rather easy to understand. Besides, they are definitely not the only company out there making money with waste plastic!

Additionally you can invest in equipment and purchase parts in fork lifts, sorting equipment, shredders, washing units and granulators. In doing so, you will enhance your profits, but this is definitely not a must.

Score 10/10

compensation-word-cloud-csizmarThe Compensation Plan: Recyclix is NOT a network marketing company, but an investment plan, so they don’t have a compensation plan as such. They do however have an affiliate program that gives 12% for deposits of your direct referrals. You will only get the percentage of new investment and not if your referral decides to re-invest his/her profits. No up-sales or team profits,  however the high performers get rewarded with field trips and free attendances to conferences!

Their investment plan pays every twice in 5 weeks, first after 2 weeks cycle and second time after 3 weeks. You can either re-invest or take out your money, the choice is yours, there is no pressure either way. You will get an automated email, which allows you to choose manually every time, or you can automated your preference. The site has an investment calculator, that I have found to be very accurate and straight forward.

Recyclix Profit Calculator

Score 10/10

PayoutsThe Payouts: Not much to argue about there. The payouts are done always on time. With all my research I couldn’t find one single person who claims not to have been paid by Recyclix, which is not common for an online investment company.

The website accepts Bitcoins, something I always prefer for online investment, wire transfers, credit cards and Paypal. You can get paid via any method, not only via the one you used to invest in. ID and address proof, KYC,  is required for the payouts.
Score 10/10

The Marketing: Recent chances to Recyclix program definitely don’t make it easy to market. The absence of affiliate links make joining rather hard, you must really want it. The company has an ongoing offer for free 20EUR trial, which you can invest to try the system out, although if you don’t invest, your account is closed after 3 months and since minimum payout is 20EUR, you will not get your winnings out. However if you do the minimum of 200EUR investment, you can also get the profits from the initial 20EUR paid out, so the offer is legit and fair.

The website has a great amount of information available, explaining their concept clearly. They have a lot of professional quality films and banners available. Brochures are also available by request.

Rating: 8/10

grapevine The Grapevine: There is a lot of bad things being said about Recyclix, the funny thing is though that most of it seems to have to do with the fact that the company is registered in Poland and few people who have visited in their office unannounced outside opening hours. Nothing more concrete than that and definitely no complains about missing payouts.

True, there is a German lawyer that I will not mention here by name, who is currently investigating the company, but this same person has a personal ongoing vendetta to all network marketing companies and is also trying to according his own words trying to gather enough evidence to start a case against Jeunesse. So yeah, his opinions don’t honestly mean a lot to me.
Score 8/10

My Honest Thoughts: I have been part of Recyclix for more than a year now and have only great things to say about them. They are 100% legal and real. I have personally visited 2 of their recycling facilities, or rather factories, both in Poland and in Lithuania. One of my visits was unannounced and second time I attended an event. I have received 800kg of plastic pellets which my plastic recycling produced, as I wanted to check out the quality. It was top notch. I have also been part of negotiating a deal with them for purchasing the plastic waste a green initiative to clean up our oceans collects. Additionally their website provides direct feed into their factories, so anyone can follow the process.

Their website is very user friendly and secure. Each and one of my payments have been instantly processed without any problems. I have earned twice my initial investment of 1000EUR and I have hardly sponsored anyone.

As mentioned above, officially they are not even a Network Marketing company, rather a legit online investment opportunity. Only thing that annoys me about them is the fact that they disabled the direct affiliate links, having to manually fill in the master code annoys both new people and the one recommending the program.

recycle bagsIf all of the above is not enough to convince you, let’s consider the fact that by participating into this investment opportunity, you in fact reduce your carbon footprint and help to get rid of the plastic waste polluting our oceans and countrysides. As an environmentalist, this was was really sold Recyclix for me. How many times can you honestly state that you can be proud of your investment portfolio?

Join this rapidly growing industry now in order to help the planet get rid of waste by joint effort and ensure your stable income for many years to come. After all, it feels awesome to do something good and be helpful. Let’s start together right now!
Score 18/20

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  1. Wow! There are so many little-known but incredible opportunities out there! I was not at all familiar with this company before reading this post. Thank you so much for introducing me to such an awesome movement! Sincerely, Joy

    • Exactly! Plastic recycling really is incredibly lucrative opportunity. Many ocean clean up projects are currently finding funding because the investors know how much recycled plastic materials, which these projects produce, can be sold for. This is really a great thing!

  2. Hi Xena. Happy to see this review. I have also looked into them, but was worried as there is some negativity floating around about them!
    There are not many lucrative Eco-friendly investment opportunities out there, so this is good news!

        • Hello Arooj,

          You can register from all over the world, also from Pakistan. You can invest in bitcoins, which makes your investment and also thereby your earnings anonymous when it comes to for instance taxes.
          Please note that this is long term investment and will only pay itself off in year and doubles itself approximately 2 years depending on the amount you invest. You can use the profit calculator which I give in the article to calculate your profit, as the profit is dependent on the amount of money you invest. Here is the link again:

  3. Well, I must say a very comprehensive Recyclix review. I had never heard of it before, but upon seeing it I also can visualize the opportunity. I just wish that I had the money to invest in such a potentially profitable and worthy cause and, their video is very powerful too! Thank you for this!

    • Hi Elmien, you are very welcome. It’s my job to investigate the network marketing and online investment opportunities to figure out which ones are legit.

  4. This is an amazing idea, who would have thought to invest in recycling like this, obviously they have. My eyes have certainly popped open to the opportunities and the uniqueness of this idea. Thanks for sharing a thorough review and I will be for sure looking further into this.


    • Hi Shane, I am happy you enjoyed my article. Their program is pretty unique and I love the fact it gives you the feeling of doing something good while earning!

  5. Wow. I have never heard of this opportunity before. If I had come across the site by accident, I would have ignored it out of fear of being scammed. But your article was very informative and helpful. I might check it out!

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