INV20 Business Limited – Google Advertise a New HYIP scam?

Verdict : Scam and NOT Paying

Rating: 5/100

UPDATE: The site has been suspended by the hosting services. I will keep on monitoring the situation the next few weeks to ensure they will not pop-up somewhere else.

Summary: This morning when I sat down with my cup of coffee to write a review about the company I have been investigating for few weeks I typed HYIP on Google and hit the enter by accident before entering my second word. To my surprise I noticed a new name pop up in an advertised section:

Inv20 Business Limited

WOW! Since when is Google actually allowing HYIP companies to buy add time?

I of course visited the website to see who would result into Google advertising. I found out that this website has been around since 18.10.2016, so exactly 8 days. They don’t even have a company logo yet, but according to their statistics they have in this time managed to fool 105 people to register as members.

OK, so lets take closer look. I am not going to really bother with a proper investigation with this one before writing my review, I mean an investigation takes weeks and I want to warn everyone about these guys as soon as possible. Score 0/0

The Company: No information available about the company behind this website. How surprising. They claim to be registered in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Also just as unsurprising is the fact that the company is not really legally registered in UK. There is also no information what so ever about the CEO or any other people working for this company.

Instead the company number they provide is registered in the above address, but belongs to


which has two board members: Mr Matthew Silversides & Mr David Christopher Adams

UPDATE: However when I contacted the website I got two wonderful messages from someone called Ivan Tokaryev. Here are the two messages he wrote me, made my day 🙂

Thank you, we are starting a attack on your website you will see it offline shortly:)
Just purchased tons of bad reviews for your website. let’s see how you cope with it. From fiverr

Since neither plan succeeded, I guess I better start writing more scam reviews here.

Of course this means there are two possibilities. Either they are running the servers with an assumed name, or they have stolen then registration number and address from some other company. Since Investmental Ltd has no web presence, both are a possibility. I will dig a little deeper into this and make an update soon. Score 2/5

cyber-biglockThe website: has SSL, but it’s broken under Firefox meaning these guys are not really technically competent. The website ownership is guarded by Whoisguard in Panama, the favorite of all scammers. The website itself is hosted in Arizona on the Cloudfare servers. The website has a link to privacy policy, but either the link is not working, or the private policy is completely missing.

The look and feel are absolutely awful, one of the worst HYIP sites I have seen. This website has been put together with a WordPress template in few hours. Score 1/5

The Program: Again this sites claims to be an investment company. They have several plans:

  • 11% daily profit for life with $1 Minimum Deposit
  • 13% daily profit for life with $300 Minimum Deposit

so rather amazing even by HYIP standards. I have now create 2 accounts, one with $300 and an other with $5 and will update this article in few days with my findings.

As always with HYIP plans, you select one of these two schemes, make a desposit and are on your way down to sure profit.The company then uses this money to speculate on your behalf on the Forex market. Except just like with other HYIP schemes, you never get to see the trades before or after they were made.

What happens is that the new members are paying for the selected members profits while the owners are pulling out as much money as possible while the scam lasts. This one has come to a slow start, so hence they resulted in advertising with Google, rather smart strategy in fact. Score 1/5

compensation-word-cloud-csizmarThe Compensation Plan: You bring them more people and you get 10%-2%-1% on the money your downline invests. As far as I can see there are no other incentives or rankings available for their affiliates.

Rather high percentages from the beginning, no wonder some people have already jumped the gun. There are plenty of people out there who don’t mind joining a scam affiliate program if it means they can make a buck or two.

Join a new program in the beginning and make a lot of money on your referrals before it collapses, right? I wonder what they pay their admins or the HYIP monitors? 😉  Score 1/5

best_payoutThe Payouts: With a plan so new, who know is they are paying or not. Since the amount their members have invested today is $1159.09, my guess is, yes they are paying in an attempt to establish a reputation. I will update this story tomorrow when I am do to receive my first ever payout and I will update the review again once I have regained all my initial investment.

However they are only accepting two payment gateways: Bitcoins and PerfectMoney, where they are not showing up as a trusted company, but rather as a private wallet. This means that they want to receive money anonymously. Definitely not a good sign people! Score 0/5

problemThe Support: The website claims they have lovely helpful support personal working for them. There is a chat and an email where you can contact the support, except that at least for now, the live support link is not actually working.

They do have an attempt of FAQ, but the answers are just plain funny. Take a look at this one. Instead of actually providing with links to the feedback, even false one, the answer encourages you to leave your own feedback. So why not be honest and state they are completely new and have no feedback yet?

Q: Where can I see / enter feedbacks about your company performance ?
A: You can see our member’s feedback and enter your own in any of our social hubs, online rating, reviews and forum sites that can be found quickly and easily web search. We highly appreciate our members feedbacks, it help us to server our members better so please take a moment to share your own experience with Inv20.

I will make an update when I receive an answer from either.  🙂 Score 0/5

The Marketing: Affiliate link and one of the sorriest excuses for a banner I haver ever seen and follow the same horrific, read non-existing, design guidelines than the website. They are not making it easy for anyone to market themselves, which in itself is a great thing. Score 0/5

grapevineThe Grapevine: NA-DA! Nothing, Zip, Zero! Nobody seems to know these guys.

There is no buzz, no false testimonials, no social media accounts and Google search returns nothing except that website and the add. I mean even with a brand new site, there should be something going on. They should have prepared themselves, any good scammer knows this, right?

Two HYIP monitors have currently taken them on and one other mentions them without any rating, but I am sure more will soon follow, if they are not taken out quickly. Score 0/5

thinking_thoughtsMy honest thoughts: The lucrative business to fool others online attracts new opportunists every day. It’s so easy to put up a website today with all the templates and tools available, that anyone can do it.

What continues to frustrate me is that time after time there are people who fall into these scams. And what I simply cannot comprehend is why Google has allowed them to pay for an add without first properly investigating the credentials they have provided.

I will keep working on this one, once I have little more information as I have initiated a contact to the website owners like I always do, in order to give them a chance to defend themselves. In the meanwhile STAY clear, this one stinks really far! Score 0/20

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