How to Create a Website For Free – Practical Guide

How To Create a Website For Free

Everyone knows that a great website is key to any successful business today, yet many struggle with the taunting task of creating one. Hiring professionals to do it is expensive and you never really get what you asked or paid for. Doing it yourself would give you the results you desire, but how does one actually build a successful website? Join my guide to create a website for free!

First we must define what a successful website is. We need to consider our online goals and for that we need to ask ourselves some questions before we examine how to create a website.

What do you want to achieve with your website? What is it’s main goal? Do you want to sell your own product or produce in an online store? Just to create an online presence for your customers, so they can find your easier? Promote someone else’s produce or services? Make a landing page for your affiliate program or setup a forum for your community. To run a blog about something we are passionate about?


How much effort are we willing to put in creating quality content? What earning goals do we want to set for our online business? Who do we want to sell to? Do you want to achieve final freedom and leave your 9 to 5 job or close your store and only sell online?

Once we have clear goals in our head, we can start examining the ways to build our website. There are three main ways to choose from and we are going to examine both with their pros and cons.

If you are however feeling impatient and want to learn the absolutely best and easiest method to create a website, you can jump directly to:

The Lazy aka Time Efficient Route

The Technical Route – How To Build a WordPress Website From Scratch?


So you know something about website programming, great! Then you know exactly what to do. This is what your plan looks like:

  1. You buy a domain
  2. Purchase a hosting platform
  3. Install and setup your database, email server, WordPress and Apache.
  4. Install your plugins
  5. Configure your spam and hacking guards.
  6. Upload the themes you want to use and customize them.
  7. Create your email accounts

In about 1 week you should be on your way to creating some great content! After that, it’s easy going, your environment should only take around half a day of maintenance every week. But hey, you got exactly what you wanted, hopefully!

OK, OK, I lost you there, right? It can be very taunting to start building your first website. So let’s examine other ways of of completing this task.


The Outsourcing Website Design and Hosting  Route


You could take the outsourcing route. Many companies do and at first hand it looks like the easy and perfect solution. I mean all you have to do is:

  1. Find a company to create a website
  2. Explain them what you actually want from a website
  3. Review their design
  4. Find someone else to setup the hosting environment for you
  5. Find someone to take care of the hosting for you
  6. Find someone to monetize your website

Anyone who has tried to route, knows that the steps 1-3 actually become a vicious and costly cycle, which can take really long time to complete. After all your are trying to explain YOUR vision to someone else. The changes are that you will have to either try out several companies to get what you want or accept a result that is below your standards and not exactly what you wanted.

You then have to find at least one other company, if not two, to execute steps 4 and 5. And even then the last task will somehow fall on your because even if you hire a company to make you appear first on the Google search engines, you are still not guaranteed a commercial success.

How ever the main problem with this approach is that you will be using a lot of money and much longer time than you first anticipated. Hence this approach is not optimal.


The Lazy aka Time Efficient Route


So how does one build a website for their business without any knowledge about programming or willingness to spend all this time and money in setting it all up? If you are just burning with desire to take your business or ideas, what ever they might be to the next level and expand your business to an amazing online presence?

Well, you obviously need to find someone who is going to do all the steps I listed above, so you can concentrate  on creating some great content and soon be on your way to earning money on your website!

You need to think about the fact that your website is going to be around for a while, so you need the best possible platform and the help there is available!

So how about if I told you there is a platform called Siterubix, a completely free website builder, that allows you to set up your website in couple of minutes and take care of all the technical stuff for your seamlessly? The best free website builder out there that allows you to create a personal website for free? You would think it is impossible, right? How about if I tell you it doesn’t only exist, but also allows you to try it all out for free for 7 days?

And it doesn’t stop there either. In fact this same place has a whole community built around helping your businesses getting it’s website off the ground and teaching you the ways of make money online!

So What is Siterubix and How Does One Get Started with Site Rubix Website Builder?


Would you like to make money online home? Is it just a myth or can it actually be done? Do I need to be rich and famous or super talented to get started?

The answer is, absolutely not! You just need to be motivated and willing to put in the hard work to learn and creating your content! You say tell me more, am I right? So take a look at these simple steps you need to take in order to be on the fastest way to online success:

  1. You sign up as a free member to Wealthy Affiliate University
  2. You sit down with a cup of tea or a coffee and get your bearings in the new surroundings
  3. You fill in your profile and upload your picture, because you want others to bond with you and help you out in case you run into trouble or if you are just looking for share your ideas with other members
  4. You follow the simple instructions which will teach you step by step how to make your website: Instructions For Creating a Website Fast
  5. You realize how easy it is to create content for your website and get creative
  6. You follow the training about how to start making money from your website: Making Money Online
  7. You become part of the community and ask questions from the others who have one been in your shoes.
  8. Before the 7 days is gone, your website is ready for prime time and you didn’t even realize how it all happened. But it’s there, all yours! It really is beautiful and something to ready be proud of!


WOW, now that was easy! So what do I do now, what’s next, you ask? Well if you have enjoyed the trip and want to keep working as part of the community and learn more about online marketing, you have the possibility to upgrade your membership and be part of the amazing community that helps others to achieve success while driving each others to new heights.

If not, you can always keep your website and continue working with the things you learned. You can always decide to join later on if you decide that you could benefit from the premium membership.


People stay on this program for years and dedicate their time in creating new videos, written instructions and success stories for the benefit of others. In my opinion mo

st of it’s power is really in the unique ways the members are encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge. Every blog, every question and profile becomes searchable, so the amount of information becomes a huge library of knowledge in all imaginable subjects related to website building, hosting and online marketing.

Sure there are many automated platforms out there, including several affiliate programs that promise you the same. But you really want the best solution for the long run and there are several things to consider. If you are still not convinced that Siterubix is the absolutely best platform to build your website on, look at the summary of everything you will get below:

  • You can buy your domain here
  • Ready setup environment and hosting platform on WordPress
  • Training program to teach you how to create your website
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Automatic security updates
  • Spam and hacking guards
  • Unique site health monitoring
  • SEO tools
  • Google analytics
  • Emails and forwards
  • Daily backups
  • Full redundancy preventing outages
  • Thousands of beautiful themes ready to go
  • Training in how to monetize your website

Or just simply read what people say about Siterubix and Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate and Siterubix Member Reviews

More information about Siterubix here: Siterubix Website Builder and Hosting Platform

Get started with creating your amazing website right here:


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