Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

So how does one get started with the overwhelming search for legitimate and profitable ways to make money from home? Well, you can start right here, this is my beginners guide to affiliate marketing! This blog will offer you a good starting point in how to get rich with affiliate marketing. I have already investigated a lot of the money making programs out there and only recommend the ones I have personally invested in with great results and can tell you the fastest way to online success!

My top 3 easy ways of make money online are as follows:

1. Wealthy Affiliate (

This is, besides the Nr 1 home business website in the world for more than 10 years, the best affiliate program I have ever come across on the Internet. Besides being an affiliate program it will teach you the skills to promote ANY of your already existing online programs and help you to  creating online presence for your offline businesses.

Take a look at my review and a guaranteed way to success here:
Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review – Read Before Joining!

Want more opinions? No problem, take a look at all these reviews from Wealthy Affiliate members!

See you there!

2. Recyclix (

This is definitely not an affiliate program as such, even though you do get 12% for your direct referrals. It is however my favorite investment program for those who are looking for a profitable investment on the Internet. As a name suggests, they recycle waste, hence reducing the carbon footprint of this planet. Take a look at my review here:

Is Recyclix A Scam Or a Dream Come True?

It will explain you why I love this program as it combines a great business opportunity with Eco-conciousness and have personally initially invested more than 2500USD in it, making more than double in the year I have been in the program. If you decide to join, here the signup link, you have to fill in an master account id manually, yes, silly I know! My ID is 99D7-B27F-BB43.


3. Google AdSense (


This is program is dubbed as the best way make money online by the bloggers and online business owners and it’s easy to understand why. It’s run by the Google empire. It’s not often that I recommend a program run by one of the giants, but this one is really easy to get started with. If your website is indexed and you have some unique and quality content, you will get approved. Your website can start serving ads and you will be on your way making some money. There are some things you need to be aware of so better take a look at my review here:


It will explain how I used Google Adsense to make money from home for free. It generated income for my first ever blog and it continues to generate me around 1000USD per week income per blog.

Good Luck With Your Chosen Opportunity

Success does not come easy or overnight, none of these are how to get rich quick schemes,but if you persist and expand you how to make money from home know-how, hard work will pay off! Please check out my latest blog post, it deals with the difficulties in starting an online business and highlights things you should consider:

How To Earn Money Online Legally – Key To Success

Check out this page regularly as I might change or add recommendations if I come across something really exciting!

It’s a jungle out there and it’s easy to get lost! If you have any questions about how to get started making some money online with minimum investment, I would love to help. Just leave them below 🙂

If you want to learn how you can make website for your business in couple of hours, try out Site Rubix a free website creation software:


  1. Hey, Xena,

    Thank you for providing some excellent ways to earn money online.

    In the past, I was using Google ads to monetize my site, however, Google decided to terminate my account and I lost over $70!

    Although I lost that amount of money in the blink of an eye, I learned a really valuable lesson.

    I learned that it is much better to be in control by eventually having my own product or making sure to have many different streams of income just in case one stream was to suddenly stop.

    Wealthy Affiliate, I think is no doubt a place where I would recommend any newbie or even advanced entrepreneurs to give a real serious look.

    The training and the community are at the top of the affiliate marketing training world. It is the place where I got started online and I am very fortunate that I did find them.

    This was the first time that I was hearing of Recyclix. I will have to give them a look for sure.

    Many thanks,

    • Google is strange sometimes, I know several my friends got disqualified just for clicking once their own commercials to test them 🙁 But the rules and rules…WA is great place, happy you agreed.
      Own products are of course the best, I would say mine are my extensive knowledge into the world of cryptocurrencies!

  2. Hello. Very good investment opportunities. So far I have invested in Wealthy Affiliate and Recyclix. WA is top notch but I’m not that sure about Recyclix. I have invested 200 EUR into it and thinking about investing more but there are so many contradicting information about it…
    Anyway keep up the good work:)

    • Hi Marek! Yes, WA is really great opportunity 🙂 Well, I have invested a lot in Recyclix, started with 1000EUR and later invested 1000EUR of my earnings. Made 4000EUR in payouts in 2 years, so I am a believer. Besides, just visited in Switzerland on a recycling fair and met the management. Cool stuff 🙂

  3. Hey,

    Such an awesome #1 recommendation! As an active participant at Wealthy Affiliate myself, I can’t say enough positive things about the thriving community of entrepreneurs at WA! Top notch training, incredibly reasonable fee (including the Black Friday sale going on today) and an awesome support system of skilled marketers, writers, researchers, coaches and affiliate marketers.

    I don’t have personal experience with your other two recommendations but as a mom making a full-time income from home, you know you’ve piqued my interest! I will definitely have to check them out. I think I read about the recycling program in another one of your posts and meant to dig a bit deeper. Thanks for the reminder!

    Love that you are working hard to help people transform their lives!



    • Hi Joy, you are right, Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome program, love being part of it!
      Recyclix really is awesome,I need to make an update as I met up with their leadership on a recycling fare in Switzerland few weeks ago.

  4. Hi Xena, Great post. It has me excited again about blogging. I have a blog I jus started a couple of weeks ago. I have some great content and just started adding some awesome affiliate programs.
    I never thought about Google AdSense ( the way you explain it I might have to rethink it.
    The Recyclix ( is very interesting but I live in the US, I don’t know if that is an option for me.
    Thanks for the great information, Keith

    • Hi Keith!
      Thank you very much for your nice comment! Google Addsense really is a great program,one of my favourites 🙂
      Recyclix works also for US based people, they don’t discriminate based on any geography!

  5. Hi, Xena!
    Thanks for the suggestions! I am already a member of wa community and i just want to say that it rocks! Google adsense is a great program to invest as well! I didn’t know about recyclix but maybe i will give it a chance! Great informations! Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you very much for commenting! WA is really something great and so is Google Addsense 🙂 Recyclix is one of my all time favourites since i am a very green person!

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