About Scams Exposer

This page is about me, the scam exposer and I have a conscience, I can tell right from wrong. I am kind and I am fair.

Yes, the rumours are true,  I am a female and a drop-dead gorgeous one too. I have learned early in life that everyone wants something from me, to use me for their own personal gain.

I go by many names, but you can call me Xena, The Warrior Pricess. My mission is to fight for injustice and defend the weak.


If you want to learn more about me, read the interview my good friend Zeus conducted: Getting Close and Personal with Xena

Since I started to use the computer, I have been scammed online more times than I can count and I every time I have learned something. I have learned not to trust anyones word except my own. I have learned to make money online legally.

I accept no bribes and will not respond kindly to threats. I have a large network of people who love me and will do anything for me.

Scammers, frauders and charlatans, it is payback time. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN SCORNED!



  1. Trying to connect with you, and not sure if email is effective. I agree wholeheartedly with your blog here. Glad there are a few who make it a plan to be of integrity. Look forward to connecting & updating you on answers to your questions. I am glad to have found this opportunity as well as WA.
    Wayne Stewart

  2. Hi Wayne, Xena is one cool chick and a great author. I’m the second admin on this site, as I have worked with her before on my own blog.

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