Online Home Careers

online home careersOnline Home Careers has created a lot of buzz in recent months in the Internet marketing world.  There appears to be some good and bad press out there, so we set out to get to the bottom of it. At its foundation, Online Home Careers offers an opportunity to learn e-commerce and to build a business online. Many reviews classify it as a link place business similar to Anthony Morrison, but it is different.

When you get to Online Home Careers sales pages, you are required to fill in your name, email, and phone number to check availability in your local area.  Next you will be taken to a long form sales pitch where you are introduced to the Online Home Careers guru, Ryan Stephens.  You are presented with basic work-from-home and business opportunity language and then you learn a bit more about Ryan Stephens and how he came to make millions online. Throughout the page you are presented with legitimate testimonials of former students who love and support the program.  With recent FTC rule changes, the use of testimonials is under high scrutiny, and many internet opportunities have pulled their testimonials completely. Online Home Careers has a successful student following.

After selecting “Add to Cart” at any one of the many links on the page, you are taken to the shopping cart where the price is listed along with some guarantees.  Online Home Careers offers a 30-day return period, where the students can cancel anytime by phone or email.  It also has encryption and security to keep its purchasers safe.

After purchasing you are taken to a VIP upgrade. At the bottom of the page you can either accept or decline the upgrade offer, which gives you access to more detailed training videos and bonuses.  After your order is complete, you are taken directly to a confirmation page and immediately receive your username and password so you can log in right away.  You are called within 24 hours from a coach that will give you tips and point you in the right direction depending on your position and ambition.

This work-at-home industry is plagued with scams and people out to take a dollar, but Online Home Careers appears to be different.  With phone and email customer service, they work hard to take care of their students.

I’d like to give a poor review, because that’s what we typically do, but Online Home Careers runs a clean operation.  High fives to the Online Home Careers team.

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